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Frequently asked questions

What days & times are Harvest Fest?

2018's Fulton Market Harvest Fest will take place the weekend of September 14-16, with special events taking place throughout the weekend and a street fest on Saturday and Sunday. 

Where does Harvest Fest take place?

On Fulton Market between Halsted and Peoria, in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood.

How much does it cost to get into Harvest Fest?

Presale tickets for the weekend are $30, and include $20 in food and beverage tickets and a Fulton Market tote! Tickets for classes, panels, dinner and parties have separate, differently priced tickets. 

Where can I buy tickets?

Right here!

Am I able to reenter once I am in the fest? 

Yes! Guests will receive a hand stamp when they leave the fest, allowing them to bypass the donation if they choose to return! 

I have a ticket for a special event, does that get me into the festival as well?

No, tickets for events do not include access to the street festival...and vice-versa. 

Is there an age limit for admission?

No! Fulton Market Harvest Fest is fun for the whole family, even pups!  Kids 10 and under are free. 

Are tickets refundable?

No, tickets are non refundable.  

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! We even have a dog recharge station courtesy of WeWork!   

Are all events rain or shine?

Yes! Ya gotta love Chicago weather! 

How can I sign up to volunteer?

To volunteer please email us at