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Festival And Event

Fulton market harvest Fest is fun for the whole family. Stop by the Kid’s Alley Saturday and Sunday for more fun. The Kid’s Alley is also sponsored by Kind Snacks and Blackhawks.

Market and Street Fest.

Join us on Fulton for cooking Demos, Live Music, Booths from the City’s Best Restaurant and Family Friendly Fun.

Blogs And Updates

What Is An Event Planner

What Is An Event Planner

An event planner is someone who plans events. They coordinate the details of a party, wedding, or another large gathering to make sure everything goes smoothly. Event planners are responsible for every aspect of the event from start to finish and must be able to work well under pressure in order...

5 Places to Eat On a Visit to West Michigan

5 Places to Eat On a Visit to West Michigan

West Michigan is a beautiful, diverse region of the state. From the beaches and dunes on Lake Michigan to rolling hills and farmland in the heartland, there's something for everyone here. Here are five restaurants that you must try when visiting West Michigan:1. The Green Well Restaurant: This is...

Things You Can Buy at a Local Market Festival

Things You Can Buy at a Local Market Festival

Today, almost every business is online. And… The thought of taking your online business into the physical world may seem difficult. Setting up a brick and mortar store or business takes up lots of money and considerations. The difficulty is attributed to the fact that your business is online,...



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